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Scott Burow

Scott is an industrial chemist by trade and had no computing or financial training to qualify for teaching. The chain of events which have found Scott presenting on cryptocurrencies have occurred more by accident and opportunity than by design. After leaving work around April 2017 and looking for the ‘what’s next’ in life, he & his wife came upon cryptocurrencies, and it was a case of love at first sight. They invested at a time when prices were taking off and took on a community project of his wifes to promote cryptocurrencies and a Sunshine Coast startup called ‘dHealth’. Using already existing structure of the Sunshine Coast Blockchain group and since, the membership of the group has expanded from around 25 to nearing 400 – a reflection of the interest generated by a constantly rising price.

Scott has found himself presenting to Beginners for the last year and does so passionately from the belief these currencies are the one opportunity for mankind as a whole to remove the money power from our corrupted, centralized system of today and to stop the madness. If ever you stop to wonder why the price of petrol is so much higher than when you were young, or why things have gone so madly wrong on the world political stage today, then you need look no further than our current monetary system – Scott believes we now have the solution in our hands.