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Paul Seils

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Paul is a Speaker, Activist & Consultant who reached the top of his profession in landscape consultancy company in Middle East based in Dubai building an organization to 65 staff.


Paul also has knowledge & experience with Property Development & Real Estate in Australia, who is now on a mission to assist people take responsibility for their own evolutionary journey, bringing about positive personal and global change – Decentralized Cryptocurrency managed by the people, for the people & supports people to do just that !


Over the years, this adept speaker has travelled and worked in many countries including the Middle East.


Paul created PSA (Paul Seils & Associates) as a Consultancy and CryptoMASTERMINDS.org as an Educational Not-For-Profit in 2017.


Paul also supports Cause-Driven Social Enterprises, who are committed to assisting Individuals to create new Social Enterprises.