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Kosh Prasad

Kosh is an advocate for free market monetary systems. Upon learning about different approaches to monetary theory in 2010, Kosh stumbled upon Bitcoin, as many other gold and silver investors did at that time. Scared off by the volatility of the space, and having not fully grasped Bitcoins ability to uproot the entire financial system, Kosh (unfortunately) continued to invest in gold and silver as the primary hedge against the perils of a money system gone awry and a possible collapse of the dollar standard. By 2015 when Bitcoin started recovering from it’s spectacular fall from $1000 to $100, Kosh’s interest in Bitcoin was renewed. Whilst watching Roger Ver and Trace Mayer speak at the Anarchapulco conference in Mexico the following year, the penny had dropped and the “aha moment” had happened. It was at this point Kosh realised that Bitcoin wasn’t just another investment but an instrument of activism that had the ability to take the power away from the corrupt financial system which previously gave Banks a monopoly on currency creation, allowing them to covertly wield power and steal wealth. Kosh sees cryptocurrency as a direct and participatory from of financial activism that everyone can and should be involved in, which also may happen to bring about the greatest wealth transfer in modern history.