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Benjamin Hall

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Benjamin graduated with a Bachelor of Technology majoring in Information Systems and Systems Analysis and is currently a Senior ICT Systems Analyst for the Federal Government. He focuses on large scale ($1B+) digital transformation and implementation of payment systems.

Benjamin, though early in his career is a keen technologist, and is extremely passionate about innovation. Having contributed on a number of projects using what was once nascent technology such as Google Glass and Machine Learning to better serve Australians. This includes having worked previously with Macquarie Private Wealth developing financial trading tools. It was this interest in technology, that lured him towards Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers. Soon realising its ability to improve business processes, human interactions, and the opportunity for individuals to large scale enterprises – ensuring true requirement of such technology. He works across both Public and Private Ledgers being part of a Government working group to identify valuable and realistic use cases.

Benjamin is the Australian Ambassador to ETHLend – A P2P Decentralised Lending Platform based on Ethereum enabling financial inclusion for the underserved and global competition – redefining financial models.

Benjamin is also a YouTube content creator assisting consumers navigate the world of cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Providing education, walk throughs and reviewing initial coin offerings (ICO). It has been this work that has seen him recognised and speak at a number of conferences on such matters for both Government and Private Sector.